Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"Sea Snax" a Healthy Snacking Alternative in Your GF World.......by Ann Oliphant, CNC

In the neverending quest for not just gluten-free but gluten-free and healthy snacks, I have recently come across what just may become your new snack-of-choice....Sea Snax.  Yes, these little dark green sheets are seaweed and they are good! 


Little, wispy sheets of slightly salty, goodness.  Sea Snax come in handy little containers, perfect for packing in a lunch for work, school or travel.  I like that while you are snacking you also are the recipent of some decent nutrition here!  What other "snack" food packs a wallop of iodine?  Iodine is sorely lacking in many of our diets and unfortunately iodized salt does not cut it, especially with so many on doctor's orders to lower sodium intake.  Iodine is necessary, vital even, for thyroid function and breast health.  You get approximately 15mcg. in a sheet of Nori.  That's substantial!  They are ofcourse also gluten free.  Check out additonal nutritional value (tons of trace minerals) on their FAQ page at www.seasnax.com                     

Sea Snax also comes in a larger sheet...I can see using these on sandwiches; gluten free bread, avocado, sprouts...a littleVegenaise...good stuff!  See their website for additional product line recipes.

You will also appreciate Sea Snax is Non-GMO verified.  Sea Snax can be found at Whole Foods, Earth Fare and other natural foods stores in the area.  Be sure and visit their website for the complete line of good-for-you snacks and order options.

Aside from the website above, follow Sea Snax on Twitter @SeaSnax and find them also on FB.  You may become such the fanatic you feel compelled to purchase one of the SeaSnax hats or tees (available online). 

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