Thursday, October 7, 2010

Charlotte, NC Bloggers Needed

Live in Charlotte, NC?

Live the Gluten Free Lifestyle?

Interested in helping others in your city?

If you have any questions or interest writing about Charlotte please email me.


Anonymous said...

Hey there! My name is Rachel and I'm moving to the Charlotte area, and I'm Celiac too. Thanks for starting this! I'd also love to help out and build this resource!

email me at

Leah said...

Hey Zach,

My name is Leah and I have been wheat and gluten intolerant with a side order of IBS for over 5 years now. I am currently beginning the application process to return to school for my Registered Dietician (RD) license. The long term goal would be to help children and adults like you and me with diseases that can be "cured" by diet. Maybe even become a specialist in the area of Celiac's Disease since that has been a huge part of my world since I was in 6th grade and a diagnosis for my illnesses was years away.

Due to my past, current and future I would love to be involved with this blog. I have a ton to say to others and have so many resources to share beyond just this site. My knowledge and love to share it along with your forum to do so would be a perfect marriage. Hopefully you think so too.

Please contact me at if you are interested.


Pamela Morris said...

My name is Pamela Smith. I have been gluten free for 6 years. It was very difficult to get the diagnosis.
But I am happy to see more offerings.
Are you aware of the Gluten Free Expo on April 30,2011 in Charlotte,NC at the Blake Hotel.
There should be even more vendors than last year's Expo!!
I am on the Charlotte Celiac Connection list and Nikki Everett from R.O.C.K. is now planning this event with two MD's on the agenda for presentaions.

Pamela Morris said...

Are you aware of the Gluten Free Expo in Charlotte April 11,2011?

Melody said...

Me too - me too!

Let's do it!

My email is Joey and I've been diagnosed since 2008. I'm always on the lookout. Let's have some meetups and blog together about them!

gf cookies lady said...

Hi Rachel,
I wanted you to know about a delicious gf cookies just now coming to Charlotte from a New York bakery called My Dad's Cookies. You can purchase them at Healthy Home Market. It is like Nothing you can find in this area!