Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Creations from Udi's Gluten Free Foods, by Ann Oliphant, CNC

A few days ago I received a box full of gluten-free deliciousness from Udi's.  Those of us who have been eating this way for any period of time are most likely already very familiar with Udi's muffins, bagels, pizza crusts and cookies.  Udi's is well known for their great-tasting and even preferred-0ver-similar-conventional-products line. 

I was already acquainted with some of these items and imagined quite a few of you were as well, but there also were some surprises, which I am happy to report fall right in line with the high quality taste and texture we have come to expect from Udi's. 

Topping the list, and disappearing the fastest in our home were the new "Brownie Bites".  Everything you love about a brownie?
This is it.

Also, the new and very clever "Blueberry Oat Muffin Tops"...that's right, "tops" as in no more tossing the bottom half or eating a whole muffin when you really just want to get to the best the best part is actually all there is to these moist, perfect-sized and individually wrapped "tops".  Very portable too, which is huge when your on-the-go "energy boost" must be gluten-free!

In our pantry, Udi's Granola is a mainstay and the new Cranberry Granola will be a welcome addition.  It is the best granola, hands-down, and in my opinion, better than any conventional brand out there.  The new Cranberry is very good and having the variety is nice but the favorite here is the "Vanilla".  Keep any of Udi's granola on hand to create a quick and easy yogurt parfait; for those of us who are also casein sensitive, try Redwood Hill Farm's Non-Fat Goat Yogurt.  Layer with fresh berries, Udi's granola, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a drizzle of raw, organic Agave syrup. Even the pickiest of eaters will not turn away!

Udi's was also gracious enough to include their pizza crusts which when placed in front of you is like having a great white canvas, ready to top however you wish.  Following a gluten-free diet does not feel limiting at all when you create something like this:
Oh the possibilities!  Organic tomato sauce, goat cheese, baby kale, gluten-free/nitrate/nitrite free pepperoni, organic portabello mushrooms, organic red pepper flakes & all  manner of antioxidant rich herbs; basil, oregano and of course, garlic.  In the 400 degree pre-heated oven for 10 minutes and...healthy, gluten-free perfection!

Thank you Udi's for sharing your newest offerings...the g-free
community is much appreciative! 

Udi's products can be found locally in Charlotte at Earthfare and other natural foods stores.

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