Wednesday, July 14, 2010

pinkberry Comes to Charlotte - Frozen Yogurt That Will Leave Your Tastebuds Begging For More

I have got great news! How many of you out there love frozen yogurt, but hate having to eat from the carton bought at a grocery store instead of out with all your friends? Well you will not have to much longer - pinkberry is coming to Charlotte!

What is pinkberry you ask? Only the best "frozen yogurt" ever. Being a native of the tri-state area and having worked in New York City for 3 years, I have spent many an hour devouring this heavenly delight. It is "...home to Swirly Goodness. Inspired by European gelaterias and yogurterias, Pinkberry's distinctive yogurt flavors are expertly crafted to complement its high quality, daily fresh cut fruit and dry toppings and offer an irresistibly tangy, incomparably refreshing taste so light it leaves you craving more". In a nutshell, on a scale from 1-10, it is a whopping 11 for me! A small fact to throw out there as well, all of pinkberry's frozen yogurt flavors are gluten-free, non-fat and minimal calories. Plus, you create your own cup of yummy goodness mixing as many flavors and toppings as you want.

The new pinkberry is opening a store front at Phillip's Place on Fairview Road next Friday, July 23rd. The Grand Opening will be held on Thursday, July 22nd where free yogurt will be handed out, a band will be playing for all to enjoy and prizes will be dispersed. It is an event not to be missed - or at least a frozen yogurt not to go untried.

I promise you will not be let down if you go out of your way for this sumptuous treat. It is so delicious, a deal was just signed for the second pinkberry to be installed at the Arboretum.

The website link is below to read more about pinkberry. Hopefully you will check the store out and let me know what you think. Good or bad I love hearing your opinions.

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