Sunday, July 25, 2010

Free Treats Courtesy of Udi's

Oh me, oh my - I have been asked to give Udi's a try!

About a month ago, I wrote a post all about Udi's new relationship with Jason's Deli. Since then, word of my blog reached the Social Media Coordinator for Udi's, Jillian. She loved how I was spreading the news and offered to send me a box of different products to try. Of course I said yes - who wouldn't?!

The "box" greeted me on my doorstep one night after work last week. I immediately brought it inside and ripped it open, pulling out the contents in a rush. Inside were Udi's Plain Bagels, Cinnamon Rolls, Double Chocolate Muffins (heaven!) and Pizza Crusts - 3 to a bag. It felt like my birthday - unwrapping gifts and not being able to contain my want to try them out as soon as possible - so exciting!

Due to work and social obligations, I have not been home much the past week, leaving little time to try these tasty morsels. It is my mission though, over the course of this upcoming week to try each product and let you know all about it. I can tell you from looks and smells alone, the Double Chocolate Muffins are going to be out of this world and the bagels, if the other breads are any indication, are going to be amazing.

So check back frequently as I take this delicious journey down Udi's Tasting Lane...definitely a road worth traveling :-)

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Jillian said...

Thanks Leah I'm looking forward to your thoughts!