Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's bagelicious Tuesday! This morning, my internal alarm clock forced me to rise 20 minutes earlier than normal, thus leaving me with additional time to make an extra special breakfast. An Udi's Plain Bagel uber delicious breakfast at that!

After removing the zip tie from the bag, I proceeded to try one of the bagels in its "natural" state. Now, I should probably highlight that I am not a big fan of bready foods. I like things crunchy. Regardless, I was strongly misguided in thinking I might not enjoy the bagel based solely on its appearance. In fact, it was light and airy just like its counterpart, Udi's sandwich bread.

Still, I am an experimenter. Having tried the bagel in its "natural" state, I was ready to spice things up a bit. Since I don't have a toaster, I improvised with the oven broiler, and toasted my bagel to perfection. I like my bread a bit on the darker side, as you can see below in the picture, however, toast it to your liking - my way is
not the only way.

My favorite line from all cooking shows, "I wish there was smell-o-vision!" about sums up my toasted bagel experience. It smelled heavenly and tasted even better. After taking the photo, I spread each half with peanut butter - a condiment that is extremely healthy for you being high in protein and good carbs - again, eat the bagel as you like it most, though. My boyfriend loves his bagels spread with cream cheese and strawberry jelly and my friend loves a good "cheese shmeer and lox with onions and tomatoes" (she says it just like that too). Eat as you will.

This being my first bagel in probably 4 or 5 years, though, that first bite quickly turned into crumbs left on the napkin. It was that good. So good that I highly recommend Udi's Plain Bagels. In fact I recommend any one of their breads.

I cannot wait to continue this Udi's product tasting journey - Bagels down, Double Chocolate Chip Muffins - Cinnamon Rolls - and Pizza Crusts left to go. Vroom Vroom Baby!

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