Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shopping Gluten Free: A Guide to the Good, the Bad and How to Know the Difference

Has anyone walked through the grocery store and thought, "If only there were labels on every piece of gluten free goodness in this place?!" Well, I have.

Sundays are the day for food shopping. It is the beginning of the new week and it's one of the couple of days I definitely have off on a regular basis. Every time, in the grocery store, I would have the same issues I always do. I would find foods that I would have loved to try, but after having read the ingredient list, could not decide if it was really gluten free or not. It always gets down to the last two ingredients - grrrr!

So as the days went by, I decided it was time to take back the grocery store shopping experience, so to say, and find a way to make it easier to shop. I researched heavily and finally came up with the perfect list. The list was created by the genius' over at the Celiac Disease Foundation (CDF). They have amazing, all encompassing lists on stores, brands and so much more. Below is a link that has saved my life (no joke!) -->

To help with choosing the grocery store to shop at, this page has a list of all gluten free items each one sells:

Another site I am truly fond of, which makes life just that much easier is, Here I have found -->

To help know which ingredients are gluten free friendly:

To help know which ingredients are NOT gluten free friendly:

I can only assume that some people have heard of all of these lists or have variations of their own. Regardless, there are a lot of people out there who don't, these links are for you. Hopefully they help you through your trials and tribulations of shopping at the grocery store, or anywhere for that matter. I know they have helped me:-)

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